#WorldPhotoDay; our favourites

We’ll take any excuse to look through our amazing photography of past projects and #WorldPhotoDay seemed the perfect opportunity!

To celebrate #WorldPhotoDay, we’ve all had a flick through the albums to pick out our favourite photos from past and present projects. Have a look through our catalogue and see what you’d choose.

James Mercer, Chairman

The expansive open space in Taylor Wimpey’s Castle Hill marketing suite is a lot to take in, but this photo captures everything excellently. From the viewing deck to the cantilevered canopy sheltering the sales desks, all the way down to the soft seating area; this shot really captured the variety of contact zones we had planned into the space. The whole marketing suite is quite captivating in its own right, holding its own despite being surrounded by quarry walls. This photo is just one of many from this marketing suite, so I’d recommend you check out the rest.

Ben Tucker, Managing Director

It’s a giant peg – what isn’t there to like about that?!

Peabody really had faith in us to deliver a community space and gallery within their marketing suite. It took up valuable space and cost but we all felt it was so important for the space, the area and for Peabody to include the local community… plus we had a lot of fun with it! Neil definitely captured the gallery feel we were after, and with the peg being centre stage, this had to be my favourite shot. Check out how we integrated the art gallery into Peabody’s marketing suite here.

James Mitchell, Account Director

I’m a big fan of architectural photography and this is one of Neil’s best. The juxtaposition between the bright blue winter sky and the sharp lines of the sunlit marketing suite is sublime. Rochester Riverside was a great project to work on, and the crisp white shell of this suite houses a warm and welcoming sales space which is well worth a look at. I think it might be one of my favourite colour palettes we’ve done.

Danielle Sewell, Interior Designer

I love this image from Eclipse and how lots of key elements in the suite have been able to be captured but at the same time, the angle leaves you wanting to see more. I love how the grandeur of the suite has been captured and the contrast of the natural daylight and illuminated elements with the dark dramatic ceiling. I also love how the name of the development is key in the foreground and how the texture has been highlighted from the wood cladding to the seamless floor and concrete polished columns.

Anna Kings, Interior Designer

My favourite is this shot from Bow River Village. I love how it captures the electric blue and light pink details in the oak chevron floor. The shot is balanced with the bright pops of colour in the centre of the space combined with cool, neutral concrete textures and frosted vinyl graphics shown in other areas of the interior. The main and most memorable feature in the space is the stark white BRV graphic with hints of greenery and planting peeping through the gaps. For me, this is one of the hero shots in the Focus Experiential portfolio!

Mark Harrison-Doughty, Interior Technical Designer

I have chosen this shot from Greystar – Sailmakers. I love that Neil was able to capture the entirety of the impressive brass details in the flooring – rumour has it, Neil and our marketing exec Laura hand polished each of the letters to make sure each one was perfect! Now that’s dedication for the perfect photo!  The combination of high-end finishes, colours and overall grandeur of the suite was captured beautifully by Neil. Definitely one of my favourite spaces we’ve designed.

Alice Taylor, Junior Interior Designer

I have chosen this picture from The Edge because I love how Neil has managed to get all the elements of the design into one shot. You really get the effect of the contrast between the bright yellow and the monochrome black and white which is what makes the scheme so successful. I also think that the light feature is a great addition and this shot really shows it off without it becoming overwhelming and taking away from the other elements in the image. The exposed MDF texture at the back keeps with the industrial theme of the whole marketing suite and softens the rest of the space. It’s quite a striking element in its own right but it works with the other aspects in the suite rather than against them to create a really trendy and exciting scheme.

Charlie Green, Construction Manager

It would have to be a toss-up between Marconi Evolution & 330 Clapham Road. However, the photography from Marconi Evolution makes it a winner. Already an existing marketing suite, we were tasked with refurbing the space and bringing it to life – and I think this shot proves we were successful! I think this photo really captures the combinations of patterns and textures that make the suite so vibrant.

Louis Moreline, Project Manager

Blackwall Reach was before my time here at Focus, but this shot jumped out at me straight away. The brutalist architecture, backlit panels against the night sky and the sneak peek into the suite itself makes this photo so intriguing. The entire album of photos from Blackwall Reach are all equally entitled to the same level of praise, so definitely have a flick through if you have time. This is definitely the hero shot for me.

Jasmine Sharpe, Assistant Project Manager

I was heavily involved with managing this project and I was so pleased when I saw the photos. The NEON suite is so vibrant and I think that comes across in the images. The way the light catches the mirror strips is even more majestic in real life, but this photo definitely does them justice. The colours are spot on and match the branding perfectly, and the graphics really elongate the space.

Charlotte Taylor, PA to the Chairman & MD

My favourite photo is this one of Royal Albert Wharf. The statement lighting is absolutely fabulous and looks effective both in the day and night – trust me, you have to see this suite at dusk, it’s incredible. The bright blue resin floor also really sets this marketing suite off and ties in perfectly with the neighbouring dockside.

Charlotte Pooley, Administration Assistant

I’d never seen a living wall before I went to Barking Riverside, and the effect is amazing. Barking Riverside is London’s first healthy new town so the fact this wall cleanses the air in the suite is so fitting. I love the contrast of the harsh defined edges from the desk, lighting and pylons, to the soft cushioned moss – these playful textures bring the suite to life. I love the fact that this image teases the rest of the suite through the archway, just waiting to be explored.

Laura Parker, Marketing Executive

I’d have to choose this shot from Acton Gardens Concierge. I love how Neil has captured the grandeur of this huge bespoke canopy, designed in-house by Focus Experiential. Although the space was large and fairly sparse, the canopy, marble desk and gold finishes added opulence. I also thought the symmetry between the edge of the canopy and the flooring joins was particularly impressive! Definitely one of my favourite spaces we’ve designed.

We loved reminiscing over some of our favourite photos for #WorldPhotoDay, we hope you agree our team have picked out some good ones! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram to keep up with more photography, as well as the mood boards which inspired the suites, behind the scenes sneak peeks, and much more!

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