Technology in Property Sales Spaces

As we continue to strive to offer our clients the latest in technological innovations in their marketing suites we’ve been on the hunt for the best in retail technology.

We recently enjoyed meeting two companies who each had their own unique way of offering technology for the property industry.

Our first meeting was with Exhibit Interactive who are at the forefront of Augmented Reality and technology for exhibition centres. They introduced us to a variety of multi-touch interactive displays, which could expand the potential that regular displays currently offer the sales teams.

We believe this retail influence will complement the world of marketing suites perfectly; this paired with our designers’ retail design experience is what makes our bespoke marketing suites more than aesthetics and is why they work so well as sales spaces.

"this retail influence will complement the world of marketing suites perfectly"

Ultimately, we were most impressed by the quality of their augmented reality and the potential this could offer our clients in presenting a sales experience for their customers. Without the need for QR codes or similar triggers, we were able to see a product/room/feature in exquisite detail through simply focusing on a surface. We can see visitors to a marketing suite exploring their new home through AR without the faff of VR goggles or even a show home.

Our second trip was to meet Hobs Studio, a company Focus Experiential have worked alongside previously. We visited them at their brand-new offices and workshop and were treated to tour around the stunning new facilities. At Hobs, we explored the countless options when it comes to 3D printed models and learned of the different finishes we could offer our clients. It was really interesting to see the 3D printers in action and witness the technicians at work.

We were also excited to experience the new 3D VR Pod which gave us a 3D tour around a new tunnel being developed within London. We were pleased again to find that the huge VR goggles were not necessary, but instead, we used glasses similar to sunglasses. With Apple bringing AR to all their new phones and the popularity of Augmented Reality ever-growing, it was no surprise that Hobs are also making advancements in the realm and our Senior Client Services Manager James Mitchell explored the CGIs of a development through AR using a poster.

Focus Experiential are always looking for new ways to enhance the sales experience in our marketing suites, it’s exciting to see the constantly evolving technology in action and come back and explore how we can incorporate them into our future projects.” – James Mitchell, Senior Client Services Manager

The interactive technology being used at the suite we designed for NU living at Beechwood is already proving a hit with the sales team and the suite’s visitors which you can read all about in our blog post here. Overall, we are excited to explore the realm of retail technology more, and our recent trip to The Retail Design Expo proved that the retail industry is embracing these technological advancements, it’s now up to us to deliver these to the property market.

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