Riverwell, Watford.


Watford Riverwell


Kier Property




February 2022



The brief

We were approached by Kier to revive the Marketing Suite and Show apartment set up at Watford Riverwell to help stand out in a very competitive area, and with other developers popping up in the immediate vicinity, they wanted to stand out from competition. It was a big team project where Focus Experiential collaborated with company Focus IMC to fulfil the whole marketing customer journey from printed and digital collateral through to delivery of the experiential suite. We also needed to factor in an easy to use, cost effective sales tool to compliment the updates happening onsite and be apart of the customer journey, enter Digisuite!

The results

Through the onsite programme, we were asked to reuse an existing touch screen set up from a previous site that had completed its sales. The projects team collected the plinth and accompanying hardware and re-installed onsite where our Digisuite team got to work ensuring the system worked seamlessly within the new space.

Working closely with the Sales and Marketing teams, together we developed a system which ticked the boxes in terms of requirements and functionality for the sales team so they could utilise the system in their every day sales process, but also create a platform which meant customers could at their leisure interact with the system to find out more information on the types of homes available to them, as well as find out more about the local area. The space was designed so customers could utilise the system via the touch screen table, or through tablets that could connect to this and any other screen within the space. The system can also be utilised remotely to aid off plan sales.