The Rise.


The Rise




Alperton, London



Commercial fit out

How we helped.

To place a suite within a ground floor commercial unit within the corner plot development. The compact space needed to not only house the sales desks and a closing space but also to incorporate interactivity to help explain the site. Taking the strong branding designed by Better, we needed to keep the brand and the development at the forefront of the interior finish. Alongside the sales area, two fully finished show apartments were to be part of the customer journey.

What was achieved.

By teaming the branding colours with soft and alternative materials the design took on a bold but functional finish. Textures such as cork and felt help with acoustics, and an orange and white elastic break between sales desks gives some privacy without fully shutting off the space. We utilised the remaining space for seating and interactivity with a pick and place table installed to work alongside a large portrait screen. Each apartment 3D printed floor plan triggered the TV content when placed on the reader allowing customers to interact with the properties whilst learning about each apartment type.

To overcome the smaller space, the end wall of the space was finished entirely with mirror to give the illusion of more room. Another illusion was created by placing a desk on either side of a full pane of glass, making the stone finish continue uninterrupted through the suite.