St. Crispins Place, Duston.


St. Crispins Place


Taylor Wimpey


Duston, Northamptonshire


September 2020


POD Design & Build

How we helped.

In the summer of 2020 we designed, manufactured and delivered a POD for a development in the Midlands for Taylor Wimpey. Working with them from the early stages in the middle of 2019, together we developed a strategy for the inclusion of the POD due to the site having no natural position for a sales centre in the build programme. Being able to work together so early on, we identified the perfect location for the POD to be positioned and developed the remainder of the customer journey around its location, which included gaining access to nearby show homes as well as the journey to and from the sales centre. In addition to the location issues of the suggested double garages and house locations, the costs to convert these options into sales centres and then to reinstate them once the sales had been completed was more expensive than our POD offering, making the option of the POD more advantageous to the development so money could be utilised elsewhere. The POD was the perfect solution here, not just for its cost savings but also as a product. Being a modular constructed building, the POD didn’t interfere with any of the site programmes with its ability to be manufactured offsite and delivered and watertight in a day. This provided the sales team with a simpler and reliable approach to focus on their day-to-day activities of selling homes.

What was achieved.

The POD now provides Taylor Wimpey with the option of re-using it across different schemes, whether that be in the same region or nationally. As its designed to be reused multiple times, the only costs would be in the delivery and installation at the next development, being even more cost-effective than before.  

The POD was delivered and installed in a morning and was ready for others to complete the fitout to the agreed national design within the week. The POD came complete with two double doors, one to enter the space, the other to gain access to the show homes available onsiteIt was positioned perfectly to be seen from the road, ideal for customers to see as they come into the suite and for sales executives to have a line of sight of customers coming to the door.