Rochester Riverside – Countryside.


Rochester Riverside






September 2021


Commercial Design and Fit Out

How we helped

As Countryside entered a new development phase at Rochester Riverside, we had a fantastic opportunity to help them to redesign the interior of the marketing suite to keep it in line with new branding. Having designed it from the beginning we were able to work on a very fast lead times as we knew the space inside out.


" Focus XP were able to transform our marketing suite in readiness for the launch of Parkside Quarter at Rochester Riverside. This was our sequential phase after the roaring success of our initial two phases which provided over 270 new homes. Focus XP were not only able to create a refreshed sister-brand, but also then mirrored this look & feel throughout our marketing suite. They reinvented the space providing an aspirational feel, whilst still being inviting and workable. "

Alexandra Jenkins - Senior Marketing Co-ordinator

What was achieved

Our sister company Focus IMC created a stunning colour palette with deep blues and green colours which we showcased as feature walls. It added a nice touch of colour to an open space, making it feel warm and homely. With the use of velvets for the upholstery on customers chairs, bespoke sofa for the soft breakout area and armchairs, acoustic absorbency has been added to the space, making it more comfortable for private chats. Velvet is also a lovely material to look at and touch as well as easy to clean, making the future more hardwearing and pleasant to sit on.

The branding also has a lovely gold texture which we showcased though details such as furniture legs, gold plated pendant lights and gold, matt effect vinyl over existing features on the walls and ceiling. It added a luxurious touch to the space making it even more interesting as the light reflects from those surfaces making the whole space come alive.

Customers would be able to learn about the development from the very first steps into the space. From a huge video wall to a samples wall, there is an opportunity for everybody to discover the Rochester Riverside in the way that is most suitable for them. We had a lot of fun playing with the informative graphics around the space making it exciting anywhere you look.