Pompadour, Chelmsford.






Chelmsford, Essex



Housetype design & fit out

How we helped.

Persona approached us to design a permanent marketing suite within one of the homes on the Pompadour development. The Persona branding needed to be at the heart of the design, and the space needed to be stylish yet functional with a strong emphasis on the customer journey. The marketing suite has to enthuse the target market, identified as comprising predominately of professional, upbeat young families (average age 35) looking for homes with good links to London and Chelmsford city centre, as well as extravagant surroundings. We were directed from the beginning to provide a welcoming space designed around the customer and to focus on self-discovery, removing the traditional elements of a suite such as wallboards, site plans and even desks. The suite needed to have a relaxed vibe with strong links between internal spaces and gardens. The aspiration was to create a space that seamlessly took the customer into their show homes.

What was achieved.

A light, welcoming, high-end suite with striking features. We transformed a section of the ground floor into a cosy chic living area – think comfy sofas, scatter cushions and plush lounge chairs.

Earthy tones and standing planters help bring the outside in throughout the space. Asset colours from the brand are seen throughout the space, from the cushions down to the accessories. We knew the Persona branding needed to be present throughout the suite, so we introduced two statement wall features to catch visitor’s attention and a workspace so that the Persona hosts could work in the space but not be fixed to a desk. They can now work here or move to the more comfortable lounge area – offering flexibility in the space to adapt to the customers coming through the door.

The striking hanging lighting sets the scene in the living area, taking full advantage of the double-height vaulted ceiling and the mezzanine area on the first floor.