Midsummer Vale, Hertfordshire.


Midsummer Vale




Walkern, Hertfordshire



Housetype design & fit out

How we helped.

We were approached by Mears Group and Catalyst Housing to help create a professional and homely sales suite for their Midsummer Vale development. The space had to appeal to a wide range of potential customers, from first-time buyers to families. Our sister company Focus IMC worked on the branding for the development. We were inspired by the deep and vibrant purple and pink colours, with hints of warmer tones, which in turn influenced the interior design and created an aim to make the branding a memorable part of customers’ experience.

What was achieved.

With carefully considered use of colour, texture and furniture, we created a relaxing and engaging space where customers would feel comfortable spending time discovering Midsummer Vale and have confidence that they were going to get a high-quality home.

A decorative partition wall was designed to add some privacy to break out space, allowing multiple customers to explore the area and give us room to showcase the framed house type plans.

Multiple discovery elements were placed within the marketing suite, from a development site plan plinth to a rolling content screen in the lounge area, and a specifications unit where customers can select finishes to suit their interior taste.