Erskine House.


Head Office


Focus Group




July 2021


Commercial Design and Fit Out

How we helped.

When faced with a global pandemic and a new way of working, we took the decision as a group to transform our working policies and focus on flexibility and a better work life balance for our employees. The result of this was to re-imagine how the physical office should look, how it could be used and what changes were needed to accommodate this new way of working, alongside creating a safe, engaging and efficient working environment for our employees to enjoy.



What was achieved.

We literally tore up the old and brought in the new!

By stripping back the old office to its shell we put together a design which balanced practicality, fun, efficiency and flexibility. We created somewhere anybody working for Focus would be proud to call their work place. Individual sound proof calling booths, co-work seating spaces, private workstations and shared workspaces encouraged teams to collaborate and engage – within their own safe space parameters. Our very own ‘Central Perk’ gave us somewhere to celebrate good times and ‘Afterparty’ somewhere to come together and debrief all things work.


What the client had said.

“The pandemic has been a terrible experience for all of us, but as ever, something good comes out of something bad.

In January 2020, The Focus Group embarked on a two-year change plan to look at providing a more flexible way of working, primarily because we were running out of space in our Feering and Shoreditch offices. Little did we know that 8 weeks later we would be putting our early plans into place, which has to be said, was a lot easier than we could have imagined.

Fast forward nine months and with new accounts such as Berkeley Group Plc and The Guinness Partnership, our clients are now serviced by over 100 staff across the group so it was clear that, when the time was right to return, we were not all going to get back into our original spaces!

So with the decision made to move to hybrid working and a brief to our sister company Focus Experiential, we set off on our new journey to transform our old offices in Essex into something that could facilitate our new way of working. We now have group and individual Teams rooms to cope with all of the virtual meetings we now see in our diaries every day, telephone boxes, mini meeting houses, chill out areas and a putting green.

You can see that the effort has been outstanding. So come along and have a look! Clients and suppliers, we’re excited to get back to seeing you in person if we haven’t already, and even competitors, if you want to join the #Focusfamily, we are always looking for the best people to join us.” 

Focus Chairman, James Mercer