Castle Farm, Windsor.


Castle Farm


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Housetype design & fit out

How we helped.

Focus Experiential had a lovely opportunity to work with Radian Group in designing their stunning marketing suite for the Castle Farm development, which is located on the outskirts of the village of Dedworth. Highly inspired by the beautiful branding of the development, we wanted to bring it to life within the interior as well as make it a part of the memorable experience for the customers. Our design team was asked to create a space that would be appealing and comfortable to a wide range of potential customers, from 18–35-year-olds who are looking to rent to married couples and existing homeowners who are looking to relocate to Dedworth. Using light grey and white as background colours and adding deep blue and warm wood tones as accents, we achieved a desirable and inviting space that would help the potential buyers feel right at home as they walk into the marketing suite at the Castle Farm development.


"We couldn’t be happier with our first project with Focus Experiential. From start to finish their design expertise, understanding of the customer journey, and project management have been second to none. The Castle Farm marketing suite complements the development perfectly and our sales team can’t wait to put it to good use!"

Stuart Hensby, Radian Homes

What was achieved.

From the furniture to the styling items, the interior showcases the stunning colours of the Castle Farm development branding, making it a memorable and exciting part of the customer journey throughout the space.

As potential buyers arrive at the marketing suite, they will be able to learn about the development by exploring a site plan on the bespoke plinth. We also created an exciting space for the Little Home Hunters that would step through the doors of the marketing suite with their parents. A wide range of magazines and colouring activity books give plenty to explore and create while their parents discover their new family home.

Golden colour touches, such as plant pots, lighting and styling items, really helped to showcase the luxurious and high-quality finishes and materials that are used within the Radian Group developments. Customers will have a chance to explore and pick their favourites for their new home in the upstairs options room.

From the site plan to the rolling content TV screen, customers will be able to discover their perfect home in the way that suits them the most, while feeling right at home in the bright and inviting interior of the marketing suite.