Blackwall Reach, London.


Blackwall Reach


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Blackwall, London



Design & build

How we helped.

The brief was to create a statement suite that could be updated and changed with the future phases in this large progressing development in the centre of London. The chosen location for the building didn’t come without some challenges. Sitting over the top of the Blackwall Tunnel – with only 1 metre of soil in places – meant the architecture had to fit around the constraints.

What was achieved.

Due to the development replacing the Robin Hood Gardens, it was felt that we needed to keep some of the design features from the Brutalist scheme within the new suite. A homage to the past, present, and future – the suite showcases the positive progress the Blackwall Reach Development brings.

On the ground floor, the size was dictated by the myriad of underground tunnels and services, leaving a large open rectangle. When the first floor was brought in, this is where the fun and shapes could become less constrained. By creating angular overhangs, peaking rooflines, and viewing platforms; the first floor not only works as a space but also a landmark view. The design of the first floor has been moulded around the possibility to change the show apartments with the future phases. Working as a warehouse space, the walls are created from translucent panelling and an inner steel structure – allowing light into the show apartments – and a fully empty shell to build within.