Make your sales space #PHYGITAL

It is no secret that digital, data and analytics are now a key part of the physical buying and customer experience for people today. Technology in retail and buying customer experience continues to grow, technology such as RFID, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are playing a key role in enabling experiential retail.

Notoriously, we, as an industry in property sales, are slower in progression than out-and-out retail and consumer behaviour revelations, but we should be taking notice and utilising technology in the right places when it’s called for – technology to aid sales and experience, not technology for technology’s sake.

"'Hour by hour, our customers’ shop is changing. It’s progressing,’ and ‘they are expecting a lot more from the customer experience,' says Paul Airey, Head of Technology at Marks and Spencer."

At Focus XP we understand property sales and marketing and have put into practice a lot of our experience and expertise to utilise technology in different ways to help achieve sales targets and improve customer experience.

We know technology traditionally can be expensive, unreliable and complicated, and the idea of it is often better than the practicality and impact it has for your sales teams on-site. Lift and Learn offers the best of both worlds; impact and engagement for your customers with simplicity and reliability for its continual use.

The idea was born from retail – John Lewis, MAC Cosmetics and JD Sports all have spent time and money developing and implementing this – so we know it’s reliable technology. We wanted to bring the floorplans to life by 3D printing them from your architects or development teams, add in some RFID technology and create a display area in your sales space to join it up.

To see 3D printing of an apartment type in action, see our time-lapse video:

Have a look at some of our concept proposals and delivered projects with Lift and Learn.

Lift and Learn takes centre stage in this engaging space in south London, where a counter display with 3D printed apartment types and a large 75? screen behind it talk to each other to become the first touchpoint for any customers visiting….

Here in another proposal in east London, we dedicate an entire wall to the system – think a footwear display in an Office, Foot Locker or Sole Trader store. You have every apartment type on display, accessible to be picked up and looked at, whilst every time this happens the portrait 75? digital display is triggered by the model being lifted and shows content about that floorplan, such as balcony aspect, size, key features, specification, CGI or even views…

Using a portrait 65? screen and bespoke podium, customers have the choice of the latest released apartments at this development…

At Bow River Village, prospective purchasers on arrival had the chance to view the current availability of apartments and engage through the 3D plans with a siteplan flythrough and 3D apartment view on screen…

We can incorporate analytics into the Lift and Learn also, so you can track its use, find out what’s the most popular house or apartment type and capture data. In summary:

  • 3D printed apartment or house types embedded with RFID tags
  • Present your 3D model to the RFID reader within your display area to trigger video content on screen
  • Display floorplans/availability of unit/CGI’s on screen
  • Cost-effective use of technology with excellent reliability
  • Technology which sales staff are not afraid of using
  • Content can be changed and updated remotely if required

If you have a new development approaching and you want to implement some technology and give your customers a more engaging experience and customer journey, then get in touch, we will provide a full proposal for you.

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