Catalyst Exhibition Stand

We were asked by Catalyst to design and provide an open and welcoming exhibition stand to showcase Catalyst and their new branding at the London Home Show. They wanted it to be bold and impactful to attract people to the stand and to include interactive elements.

The stand is also to be used at different events which will vary in size; therefore, this was asked to be reflective in the design being versatile for many different shows. The stand itself should have the ability to be dismantled easily and it should also be easy for Catalyst to transport and put up themselves for use at the smaller events. It also needed to fold down as small as possible due to lack of storage for the stand when not in use.

Impact was created on the stand using illumination, the Catalyst logo was illuminated to attract people to the stand and LED strips were recessed into the wall. A wall-mounted screen showing key content sat centrally within this space. This has an easy hook bracket allowing sales staff to take the screen on and off the bracket for differing events.

iPad banks were made in modular pieces, in the shape of a curve to allow for the flow of people on the stand. The modular sections also meant they could be combined to make larger banks or used singularly and taken to smaller events and wouldn’t look out of place. This would also make for easier storage and transportation.

These units were produced in the Catalyst branding colours to give a cohesive look with the brand. They were illuminated, had hooks on the front for bag giveaways and shelving on the sides for literature collateral.

The middle circular bank also had hidden storage in the base for personal or collateral items and again this was illuminated.

The iPads were mounted in a bounce pad secured to the banks and gave people the ability to view the website and brochures interactively, which aided the team when showing information.

In terms of walling, the side walls were made from a retracting system with a printed fabric piece which could be easily applied once erected. This meant that these walling sections could foldaway and different fabric pieces could be printed for different shows if they required updating. This also gave a large space either end of the stand to showcase collateral produced by Focus IMC. The back central solid walls were made of three sections that slot into each other, allowing the middle section or side sections to be taken to smaller events and when dismantled, the sections can be folded in half taking up less storage space and making easier to transport around.

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