Broadening our interior design offering results in award win for Focus Experiential

Last month, Focus Experiential were awarded “Best Branded Space Design” for our work with Telford Homes at their Gallions Point development. It is just rewards for the increased investment in our interior design teams over the past 18 months and broadening our skillset to cover all aspects of on site interior design; whether that be a marketing suite, amenity space or show home.

The award called for a compelling depiction of a brand in the workplace or in a residential design project and was judged based on the quality of the strategic approach, creative execution and results achieved. We were lucky enough to have a multitude of amazing projects from the past year to choose from. After consultation with the whole team, we decided the synergy and strength of brand impact across the two Gallions Point spaces would be a strong entry.

The team’s reaction

Despite being a virtual event, the acceptance videos were not pre-recorded, so we went into the awards ceremony with all the excitement and anticipation of a regular award ceremony. All the team tuned in and were thrilled to watch MD Ben Tucker accept the award on the night.

“To be awarded Best Branded Space Design at the Property Marketing Awards is a real honour. The success of this space is a testament to our persona research dictating the path we take. Ultimately, this led us to amend the original branding and create spaces that look, feel and operate how Telford Homes’ customers want and need it to.

“It was a real team effort across the board. From design to fulfilment across both spaces we worked as an extension to the team at Telford Homes to ensure a seamless delivery.

“I’m so happy to see the rewards come through from the past 12 months of investment and widening of our in house interior design team’s skillset. With award-winning interior design and collaboration with the branding and personas for each new homes development, we are joining up the complete customer journey for our clients.” – Ben Tucker, Managing Director

What makes Gallions Point special?

A consistent customer journey is key in property marketing, and here at Focus Experiential, we argue this concept still applies even once the purchase is complete. When moving into a new property, people desire that ‘sense of home’ and often the four white walls of a new building can leave people wanting. It’s for this reason that we believe the communal areas of an apartment building need to be as familiar and comforting as possible.

"we knew these spaces would need to make a lasting impression"

Taking this into consideration, when designing both the marketing suite and residents’ lounge for Telford Homes, we knew these spaces would need to make a lasting impression. Firstly, the marketing suite is the destination where you make the biggest purchase of your life and it naturally holds sentimental value. Therefore, we wanted to translate this same value into the communal spaces so when moving in the homeowners have a connection with their new space.

Additionally, the Gallions Point residents’ lounge became a crucial resource during the pandemic, offering residents a space to work without the expense of altering their homes.

The original brief

Telford Homes tasked us with designing and fitting out the marketing suite for their Gallions Point development. Our work started at concept and feasibility, where we successfully put a business case forward to convert a planned bike store into the marketing suite.

The space needed to be a functional sales unit and a welcoming and informative destination for new buyers to explore the development and show homes. We used persona research to determine our target audience to ensure we could make the space as appealing to them as possible. Our research indicated our prime audience would be those of ‘rising prosperity’, aka city sophisticates and career climbers.

As a result of the success of the marketing suite, we were commissioned to create a warm and functional multi-use space that the residents could use at their leisure. The space needed a home-from-home feel, acting as an extension to their home, with room to facilitate working from home – a feature that would prove to be crucial in 2020.

The interior of the lounge was to be inspired and reflective of the style and colour palette of the marketing suite. Both spaces, therefore, needed to be cohesive with one another.

How we achieved success

Taking on a strong brand that was more targeted to an investor and international market, our first task was to soften the brand and give ourselves softer colours, tone, materials and finishes to make it more customer-friendly. This decision was borne out of our persona research as we knew the current branding would not appeal to those London buyers who would be visiting the suite.

Shades of pink, teal, green and blues alongside the injection of a brass outline detail gave us a springboard to create a welcoming space for potential purchasers to visit and feel comfortable in. To retain the high specification and quality finish of the apartments on offer we added velvet and suede finishes.

In the residents’ lounge, we began by looking at the potential activities that could take place. We kept the lounge as flexible as possible, keeping it open-plan and using the furniture to break up and zone the different areas. Using high benches by the kitchen café area gave us the flexibility to use it as breakout or for an informal work area. We subtly divided up the large space creating pockets of work or relaxation space with high back sofas and coffee tables.

What the client had to say

“From the outset, Focus’ design and in-depth knowledge appealed to us. Their understanding of who would be visiting the suite and how to appeal to them was unparalleled and meant a change of colour scheme that would resonate with our domestic customers. Even with a change of venue, Focus Experiential were able to adapt their design and delivery and yet were still able to present us with an incredible marketing suite.”

“After seeing the processes and results that Focus Experiential brought to the Gallions Point marketing suite, it made sense to commission them to bring the same expertise and flair to the development’s residents’ lounge.

“By using a similar palette to the marketing suite, the lounge not only looked great but also added a sense of familiarity to our homeowners. The space itself hits all our residents’ requirements and is already being put to good use, particularly for those residents who need a space to work from home during the lockdown.

"added a sense of familiarity to our homeowners"

“We couldn’t be happier, and we look forward to working with Focus Experiential on future projects soon.”– Kerry Hill, Head of Marketing & Communications at Telford Homes.

Credit has to go to our fellow shortlisted space House by Urban Splash. We were really impressed and honoured to be shortlisted with such an incredible new concept.


As reigning Creative Agency winners from the National Housing Awards, and now Property Marketing Award winners, we couldn’t be prouder of the team and the direction Focus Experiential is heading in. 2021 is set to be another fantastic year, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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