Bringing floor plans to life with Lift and Learn!

In a technology-driven world, we’re bringing floor plans to life! How? Let us introduce you to Lift and Learn.

When a customer visits a sales space, we want to offer more than what’s available online, in brochures and what our competitors are presenting. Customer engagement through experience needs to inspire, leaving a memorable, lasting impression and that’s where our Lift and Learn comes in!

How does Lift and Learn work?

Designed for retail use our Lift and Learn technology links 3D printed floor plans and screens using RFID tags and Intevi Retail Technology to display video content such as floor plans, availability of units and CGIs.

Each 3D printed floorplan triggers the TV content when placed on the reader, letting the customer visualise what their new homes will look like whilst exploring information about the apartment types through technology.


Have you ever struggled to read two-dimensional floor plans? Our Lift and Learn technology is a game-changer for marketing suites.

  • Having an interactive element within a sales suite brings floorplans to life. When a customer picks up the model, they’re connecting with the product and immediately interacting with the latest offers, on their own terms.
  • Update on the go! Whether there’s a special offer, a content refresh or a new video, the Lift & Learn product can be uploaded remotely.
  • It’s a cost-effective use of technology, bringing a fun element into a sales space!
  • Sales staff are certainly not shy of using this product, and the feedback has been super positive.

“By incorporating tried and tested retail display technology with our ever-popular 3D printed house type models, we have delivered a highly effective platform for your sales staff to use in order to achieve maximum reservations.”  

Russell Oxlade, Business Development Manager

Take a look at our latest installation in the marketing suite we designed for Metropolitan.
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