Behind the Scenes at The Printworks

The Printworks is a fantastic new development by Catalyst New Homes, located at Brewers Hill, Dunstable. Perfectly suitable for anyone, whether you are looking for a quiet location, close to the parks and countryside, with the added benefit of being close to the shops and a wide variety of restaurants and bars.

"bright and colourful branding"

The interior design colour palette was greatly inspired by the bright and colourful branding that has been produced for the Printworks development by our sister company, Focus IMC.

Dark blue and orange were picked as feature walls colours. They helped to create a lovely background for the furniture and graphics as well as make a wow factor as customers walk into the marketing suite.

We also had a fantastic chance to play our role in sustainable design. The furniture in the interior design is reused from the previous project that we completed for Catalyst New Homes. It was really exciting to give a new life to the furniture with the addition of the new styling items such as cushions and graphics to tie it nicely with the new interior design scheme.

"sustainable design"

The marketing suite has an open-plan kitchen which we wanted to use as a show kitchen as well as give a fantastic opportunity to the potential buyers to explore it whilst the sales team make refreshments. From kettle and toaster to pasta jars, we tried to bring the branding colours in through the use of styling items. It added a lovely colourful touch and made the space feel homely and comfortable.

We really enjoyed creating the design for this project as well as being on-site when everything was brought together while adding finishing touches though styling. The interior came out bright, exciting and very colourful.


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